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Your website is the cornerstone of your online marketing system – a system that should bring you more leads, more clients, and more business.


Some elements, such as the design and the layout, need an experienced eye to drive tangible results. That is where I come in, offering consultation to business owners who want to improve their online presence. Branding, mobile optimisation, the design, and the layout are all key areas that drive performance.

I am here to create your website to a pixel-perfect creation that will attract more customers to your website and drive your business. Whether you are a start-up needing a new online presence or you just need to freshen up your existing website, I have the knowledge and tools to provide you with a complete solution that will drive results.


Online Store

An online store is open 24/7 so your customers can shop when they want and on any device they choose. Using the WIX store app will help you track orders and inventories and make your store easy to manage.

Mobile Optimisation

Recent statistics show that more than 50% of website users view on mobile. It is now more important than ever to have a mobile-optimised website. Your customers want a seamless experience from desktop to mobile.


Social Media Integration

Building a brand identity is vital to establishing trust with your customers. Social media and blog integration are key tools in establishing a brand's identity as well as sending out ongoing  email newsletters to remind customers of your presence.


Utilizing Wix

The Wix platform is the perfect solution for small-medium business owners allowing the creation of their own website. Its ease of use and flexibility of design allow scalable websites to be created and modified over time.

Creating your online presence

Works //

"Miguel is very talented at design and Wix funcitionality. He is a very good communicator and was able to understand my needs and ideas and convert them into a great website. Not only did Miguel produce and excellent website but he is a fun and pleasant person to work with. Looking forward to working with him again."
Chris Forbes
BriteBond | Australia


I am a full-time multimedia artist specialising in creating content for various digital signages and a Wix web designer helping small and medium businesses create their online presence and other design needs. I have worked with clients around the world, including Australia, US, and Europe.

My design aesthetic is clean, sleek, and modern. Whether it is content in digital signages or Wix websites, I will deliver a professional design, created and built using established standards and expertise.

I strongly believe in open communication and am fully committed to helping small-medium businesses.




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