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Digital Signange

Does your company have an existing solution but needs content?

Wix Website

Does your company need a professional website or have one that needs a revamp?

I am an experienced multimedia artist with a passion for helping small-medium businesses establish a professional online presence using the Wix platform. I also have a knack for developing great content for various digital out-of-home solutions.

With more than 12 years of design experience, I engage small and medium businesses and help them grow by filling in their design requirements that captivate their target market.


‚ÄčMy design services all come with personalised support. I will create high-quality website or content and will work with you one-on-one until you are completely satisfied with the result.

Digital Signage

Armed with the understanding of digital signage technology, I can provide you with fast and quality content services, as well as help you manage and run your digital signage solution to maximize its potential.

Recent Projects //

Portable Painter

Wix Website

"Migs was easy to work with - followed guidelines but also added value making great suggestions. Presented several options even when not asked to. A great guy that I would gladly recommend."
Naomi Granger
Technology4Hotels | Australia


I am a full-time multimedia artist specialising in creating content for various digital signages and a Wix web designer helping small and medium businesses create their online presence and other design needs. I have worked with clients around the world, including Australia, US, and Europe.

My design aesthetic is clean, sleek, and modern. Whether it is content in digital signages or Wix websites, I will deliver a professional design, created and built using established standards and expertise.

I strongly believe in open communication and am fully committed to helping small-medium businesses.




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